Interior Design: Style and Function

Whether you’re a runway model or a construction worker, you have a style. Everyone has one, but some people simply give more thought to their style than others. If you’re at the beginning of a home remodeling project, you’re likely wondering what style best suits you.

However, you’re well aware that your home must also function well. Your life has a flow. You flow from getting ready in your bathroom to preparing meals in your kitchen. Your home should match that flow.

Most homeowners find themselves frustrated at one or both of these things:

  • Their home’s style.
  • Their home’s functionality.

Many people don’t realize they have other options that will make living in their space much easier. This is the magic of hiring an interior designer. Not only do they specialize in creating safe, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional spaces, they also know how to help a client realize what they never knew they wanted (or needed).

Interior designers do far more than decorate, they reimagine how spaces can be used to their fullest potential from functionality to the overall “feel” of the space. You are not stuck with a bathroom full of small frustrations like tiny counters, unusable closet space, and a room that keeps you and your significant other bumping into each other. You don’t have to claw for dedicated cooking space on your countertop. You can actually have some appliances sit on your counter without eating up half your space.


>Interior Design: Style and Function

Let an Interior Designer solve these problems for you. Let them, also, manage the team of contractors and subcontractors. Let them do the ordering and set the deadlines. Meanwhile, your life can keep flowing as your interior designer manages your home remodeling project for you.