Landscape design

You’re a restaurant owner with plenty of real estate but no curb appeal. You’re a home owner who’s landscaping renovation has become larger than your hobby-level interest. You’re a local government worker tasked with installing a brand-new park. All of these situations require the expertise of someone who specializes in landscaping.

However, as you start googling landscape professionals, you’ll quickly find some companies offer landscape architecture while others offer landscape design. Is there a difference? Does it matter which one you go with? While there is certainly overlap between landscaping designers and architects there are indeed some important differences.

Landscape architects tend to work on bigger projects which may be perfect for your office or park or new public building. Landscape designers tend to work on smaller, residential projects. While both architects and designers may have the same level of education, architects hold the state requirements. Some landscape designers are also self-taught while all architects hold degrees.

So what do you need? Do you need someone who is an expert in designing retaining walls or drainage systems? Do you need help designing and constructing outdoor structures or someone to solve complex elevation issues? Perhaps your plans become complicated because of service lines or parking areas. A landscape architect is who you need to call today!

However, perhaps your back or front yard is in need of a design overhaul. You should hire a landscape designer if you need assistance with beautifying your yard or designing a stunning poolside landscape. Perhaps you need a new patio or deck installed or help in laying out a garden. A landscape designer is the professional you should call!

Whichever you hire, they will assist you in setting a budget and contracting out the required work. Many will do the purchasing as well.

Now that you know the difference, pick up the phone, and see your landscaping dreams come true!